Savage Strike Guide Service

Full time Professional Guide - USCG LICENSED Capt. Mike Coley

( that's the smiling face of a 53" musky)

**************  ALL musky are photographed & released  ****************


   There is NO GUARANTEE of success musky fishing.

             They are one of the most difficult freshwater fish to consistently catch.

I have the experience, knowledge and equipment to at least put the odds in your favor.

     Follows, strikes, mere sightings, or encounters of any kind are small but important victories in the musky game, and serious musky enthusiasts normally count these as positive parts of the experience


Give me a call 540-922-2732 to confirm a date and then---


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New River Rates effective March 1st, 2013


                         2 fisherman - $250.00 for 6 hours maximum

                       2 fisherman - $400.00 for 8 hours maximum


( rate does not include gratuity )



                    All night trips are $250.00 for 6 hours ( usually 8:00 pm to 2:00 am )


Melton Hill lake, TN Rates


These trips are limited to a few months during the year

May thru early August &

only about a week during those months


    1 or 2 people - average 8 hours - $450.00 single day

1 or 2 people - book 2 consecutive days - $375.00

  1 or 2 people - book 3 consecutive days - $1000.00




The combination of cold water from Norris lake Dam (averages 48 to 56 degree's year round) , warm water during winter months from the Bull Run steam plant and abundant forage are allowing Melton Hill muskies to grow fast and huge. Their growth rate is much faster than northern muskies.


COMBO TRIPS - During the summer months when skipjack are readily available you have the option of fishing Melton Hill Lake for trophy stripers IN COMBINATION WITH A BOOKED MUSKY TRIP. I DO NOT BOOK TRIPS JUST FOR STRIPERS. Striper fishing a morning or afternoon on Melton Hill Lake will depend entirely on availability of skipjacks. I DO NOT FISH the tailraces below ANY Dams. Guiding for and catching BIG stripers with skipjacks is a tactic I have many years experience at also.


Just a few of the many BIG stripers my clients have caught.  L to R - 44 lbs, 49 lbs, 55 lbs, 51 lbs.



        For 25 + years I've successfully guided in 4 states (Virginia, Tennessee fishing & Montana, Wyoming big game hunts every fall for 15 years) and will continue to do so. I give all clients 110 % toward their success. The rest is up to the fish.


                  * I furnish rods, reels and lures or let me know if you have your own.*

                       Musky fishing - Let me know if you can use a **baitcaster**. This means

                       owning one and being very good with it. Otherwise I'll furnish specialized

                       spinning gear . Remember - backlashes reduce cast and odds of catching

                       a musky considerably.

                       Equipment - casting - Shimano Curado 300e reels / Fenwick Elite tech musky rods

                                                        casting - Abu-Garcia Revo winch 60 reels / Musky Innovations BullDawg Rods

                                                        spinning - Quantum Energy PT reels / Musky Innovations BullDawg Rods


Methods of musky fishing


 ARTIFICIAL - Casting a variety of lures in all shapes and sizes depending on the time of year. I furnish both bait casting & spinning tackle.

 FLY CASTING - Fly fishing for musky has really taken off so I've added this method which is definitely aimed at fly fisherman with some fly casting experience. I do have a good selection of musky flies.

 LIVE BAIT -I also use live bait  year round (suckers in the summer - trout in the winter) Let me know well in advance if you prefer live bait. 



   I use live bait in Virginia & Tennessee with clients who wish to fish this method. Pete Maina, one of the best musky fisherman in North America  and host of "The Next Bite" TV show also advocates the use of live bait " when proper techniques are used ".

   I use only the best and proven "quick strike rigs"  for live bait fishing which results in 100% success in catch and release.


                  You will need to bring a small cooler for drinks and snacks and raingear.

                  I do not furnish food or drinks. NO ALCOHOL


     * NOTE*  All musky trips are for adult fisherman with some reasonable casting skills. Due to liability issues I will not guide musky trips for anyone under 16 yrs old



Virginia fishing license

The quickest and easiest way for non-residents to obtain a fishing license is to go on-line at You will have the option of filling out license info on-line or calling Virginia game & fish to obtain an instant license. [ on-line you can purchase and print] ; by phone you will be given a series of numbers which is your license.


To purchase Tennessee fishing license online click the link below  



The 18' , 140 hp Suzuki jet outboard Musky boat


Built in 30 gallon aerated livewell for using live bait musky fishing  the New River, VA & Melton Hill Lake, TN OR skipjacks for stripers in Tennessee. Huge rear deck for client.

COMFORTABLE seating for 2 clients/

Huge beneath front deck musky lure storage.

Rod storage will accommodate 6 musky rods up to 9' in length.

BIG musky net folds in half out of the way until needed.

Less than 10 seconds this net is ready.

Clean, uncluttered front deck where one client will fish.

Minn Kota Terrova 24 volt, 80 lbs thrust with remote GPS controlled I-pilot lets me operate the boat from console while clients musky fish on the front & rear deck.

Bottom of boat is a single piece of .190 aluminum

and then covered with 1/2" thick UHMW shock

absorbing, super slick material.


A jet pump for a 200 hp Suzuki is used to give tremendous

low end torque. The jet foot is also made out of UHMW.




The big 4 stroke is quiet & fuel efficient.


Musky lures, rods & reels. No shortage here. There are

this many lures in the beneath deck storage in the boat also.



















        A early June night time New River musky.




Musky average size is 30 to 45 inches - weight varies a lot - heavier in winter




























My good friend " Paul Freer "


The three photos above are from my trip to Canada in 2006 courtesy of my friend  Paul Freer.

[above left] A white wolf walks the shoreline while we fished her lake.

[center photo] Paul Freer admires a hefty northern pike as our guide "Big John" looks on.

[above right] The sunset at 11:00 pm on Hatchet Lake west of Saskatchewan.

Alaska 2013

Paul invited me on another "trip of a lifetime" trophy pike fishing on the Nowitna River, a tributary feeding the mighty Yukon river near Ruby, Alaska in July 2013.Six of us boated over 320 northern pike in 5 days. Remote base camp, awesome scenery, moose everywhere, fantastic fishing.

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